Uniform Requirements

The Meadows school uniform is designed to enhance the learning environment of our students by helping them focus on school and not on what they are wearing.
At a Glance: Our tops are white, navy, and powder blue. Our bottoms are navy or khaki (NOT black).
Please see the below lists for more details. 
You can download a printable list here.

If a student comes to school out of uniform, families will be called and asked to bring the proper clothes to school.

A. Uniform Pants and Slacks

  1. Solid navy blue in color
  2. No more than one size larger than the waist
  3. Fitted leg and hemmed; not rolled up
  4. Length is to the top of the shoe, not dragging on the floor
  5. Worn at the waist
  6. No excessive pockets or extra zippers
  7. No baggy/sagging pants or slacks permitted

B.  Uniform Shorts

  1. Navy blue in color
  2. No more than one size larger than the waist
  3. Hemmed; not rolled
  4. 3" above the knees or longer
  5. Worn at the waist

C. Uniform Skirts, "Skorts," and Jumpers

  1. Navy blue in color
  2. 3" above the knee or longer
  3. No longer than mid-calf

D. Uniform Vests and Sweaters

  1. Solid navy/light blue or white in color
  2. Long or short sleeve sweaters
  3. Pullover or cardigan sweaters or vests

E. Uniform Tops

  1. Solid (no prints or stripes allowed) white or navy/powder blue
  2. Collared or crew neck shirts, blouses or turtlenecks
  3. All shirts must be long enough to be tucked in and stay tucked in
  4. No sleeveless shirts or t-shirt style undershirts
  5. Clothing worn under tops must be white
  6. Plain navy, white, or light blue crew neck sweatshirts

F.  Belts

  1. Solid color belts - black, dark brown, dark navy blue or white
  2. Belts should fit with the end only a few inches past the buckle
  3. Only simple, basic buckles

G.  Shoes, Socks, and Shoelaces

  1. Athletic/tennis shoes or other sturdy shoes
  2. Socks must be worn and are to be solid white, navy blue, or black
  3. Girls may wear leggings or tights in solid white, navy blue or black
  4. Shoelaces, buckles, straps must be tied or fastened
  5. No sandals, flip flops, backless, high heels or shoes that pose a safety issue

H. Jewelry

  1. Minimal and simple in nature and non-excessive
  2. Small earrings recommended for safety.


  1. OVERSIZED clothing
  2. HOODED sweatshirts
  3. Hats, caps, berets, or bandannas worn inside the building
  4. Chains hooked to wallets, belts, keys, clothing, etc.
  5. Sweatpants or denim material
  6. Coats/jackets worn during school (bring a sweater if needed)
  7. Bare midriff or tank tops
  8. Wheeled shoes of any kind
  9. Body art of any kind (example: fake tattoos or ink drawings)


  1. Advanced notice will be given (usually for perfect attendance, etc.)
  2. Length of shorts/skirts must still be observed
  3. Proper footwear required
  4. Use proper judgement for clothing with graphics and writing on it
  5. No hooded sweatshirts allowed on dress down days.